connect groups launch

Connect Groups are a great way to build friendships and grow in your faith!

Our Connect Groups are based on interest, common goals and/or life/age-specific activities. There are 3 types of groups: Growth, Social and Serve. We believe life change occurs in the context of relationships.

Our Connect Groups are listed below. Get connected today!

Growth groups

These groups are designed for people to grow in their faith and make practical application of God's Word in their lives. They are often curriculum-based and cover a book, resource or Bible study. Contact CG Leaders if you're interested in a particular group.

  • Journey of growth (j.o.g.)

    The Journey of Growth (J.O.G.) ladies' master class provides instruction, discussion and exercises on personal growth. On this journey, we explore topics that will assist ladies in building up their sense of purpose and become more successful in every area of their lives.

    Meets: Thursdays @ 7 PM - Twice monthly

    Loc: EPC Campus

    LEADER: Stephanie Brown

  • endtime prophecy

    Will explore endtime prophecies as given throughout the Bible.

    Meets: Tuesdays @ 7:00PM - Weekly

    Loc: EPC Dining Hall

    LEADER: Ed Kelleher

  • divorce care

    Divorce Care teaches one how to cope with divorce. Healing from the hurt of divorce and moving into God's plan for one's life is emphasized. It also teaches that God should be the central focus of one's life and everything in life will then be in its proper place.

    Meets: Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM - Weekly

    Loc: EPC

    Requirement: Going through a divorce or divorced

    LEADER: Mary Molina

  • insurance insights

    This course will explain how insurance products work and how to get the best value. Choose the sessions that are appropriate for you.

    Meets: Sundays after church - Monthly

    Loc: EPC Activity Center

    LEADER: George Mangrum

  • thou shalt prosper

    This group is designed for men who are an entrepreneur, or plan to become one. A mastermind group can focus special attention on your effort - in the form of knowledge, resources and energy. Let's do it together!

    Meets: Thursdays @ 7 PM - Weekly

    Loc: TBD

    LEADER: Todd Keith

    CO-LEADER: Craig Stephens

  • southwest area prayer

    Opportunity to join with others in prayer and fellowship in the southwest region of the Dallas Metroplex.

    Meets: Weekly, Monday @ 7 PM

    Loc: Home of Renee Taylor

    LEADER: Renee Taylor

  • mesquite area prayer

    Through prayer and fellowship, this group will strengthen the body of believers at EPC. It will provide a venue for prayer requests to be offered.

    Meets: Weekly, Mondays @ 7 PM (excluding 2nd Monday of month)

    Loc: Home of Maria Astolfi

    LEADER: Maria Astolfi

social groups

These groups are designed for people to make new acquaintances and build friendships. Many social groups are interest-based and centered on a hobby, a common interest or a life stage.


    Ladies interested in fellowship through cooking and recipe exchanges.

    Meets: Monthly, Thursday @ 6:30 PM

    Loc: EPC Activity Center

    LEADER: Kathy Kinnick

  • healthy living

    To inspire, educate and equip each participant to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Meets: Monthly, Thursday @ 7 PM

    Loc: Home of Micah & Lisa Eldredge

    LEADER: Lisa Eldredge

    CO-LEADER: Micah Eldredge

  • experience dallas

    If you'd like to explore the city with others, join in this fun group! Activities may include trying out a new restaurant or having a fun time in a new activity.

    Meets: TBA

    Loc: Varies

    LEADERS: Marco & Jessica Vazquez

  • mcfriends

    Breakfast & coffee over good conversation with men who would like to meet a couple of time a month.

    Meets: Wednesdays @ 7 AM - Twice Monthly

    Loc: McDonald's (Hwy. 80/Beltline)

    LEADER: Pastor Flowers

  • games & grub

    Join in for a night of friendly competition, lots of fun and food. Come together and fellowship with others while playing the games you love. Family-friendly games of dominoes, card games, such as UNO and Skip-Bo, and board games are all welcome.

    Meets: Saturday @ 5:30 PM - Monthly

    Loc: Home of Jay & Jamie Milligan

    LEADER: Jamie Milligan

    CO-LEADER: Jay Milligan

  • super moms

    Moms need other moms! If you are a mom of a child from infancy to age 18, join other moms to relax, laugh, have fun and grow spiritually as we love and lean on one another.

    Meets: Various dates

    Loc: Varies

    LEADER: Mendy Flowers

  • glorious grands

    Socially connect older ladies and encourage them in their roles to our younger ladies. Also encourage the teaching role of grandparents to their grandkids...reinforcing not disputing parents or church teachings. To have fun and build supportive friendships.

    Meets: Fridays @ 2 PM - Monthly

    Loc: Various locations

    LEADER: Cindy Willis

    CO-LEADER: Tommie Kay Stephens

  • golden classics

    Social group for senior saints.

    Meets: Thursday @ 11:30 AM - Monthly

    Loc: EPC Activity Center

    LEADER: Kathy Kinnick

  • kings kids

    Get ready for fun! This group is for kids of ages 9-11. We will spend time together doing a fun activity.

    Meets: Quarterly, Saturday (date TBD)

    Loc: Varies

    LEADER: Todd Keith

    CO-LEADER: Tina Keith

  • crafts & Scrappers

    To provide fellowship, peace, fun and therapy through crafts.

    Meets: Monthly, Thursday @ 6:30 PM

    Loc: EPC Small Dining Room

    LEADER: Renee Taylor

    CO-LEADER: Cindy Willis

    CO-LEADER: Betty Parks

serve groups

These groups are designed for people to have the opportunity to serve the needs of the community. Serve groups provide a way for people to relationally connect and find fulfillment in caring for others.

  • jail ministry group

    Preparing hearts in the jail ministry to serve with an exciting team of mean and women.

    Meets: Weekly, Sunday @ 10 AM

    Loc: EPC, Room 224

    LEADER: Marie Johnson

    CO-LEADER: Maria Astolfi

  • outreach

    To provide ministry to those in need outside of the church.

    Meets: Saturday @ 6:30 PM - Twice monthly

    Loc: Varies

    LEADER: Maria Astolfi